David Donnelly, Principal

David Donnelly is one of Canada's leading environmental lawyers and advocate for smart growth, greenspace protection and aboriginal cultural heritage.

He has been an advisor to all levels of government on law and planning reform, including the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, the Ontario Environmental Bill of Rights and the 1.8 million acre Greenbelt Plan for Ontario's Golden Horseshoe.

David has represented public interest groups and ratepayers in some of Ontario's key environmental battles including the Oak Ridges Moraine hearing and Walkerton Commission and is a consulted stakeholder to sustainable home builders, the Ontario Greenbelt Alliance, and Friends of the Innu, among others.

David has co-founded various community campaigns and coalitions including the Green Gravel Coalition, Green Divas for Council, First Nations Circle, and the Green Energy Act Campaign. He has provided copy and creative direction services to blue-chip corporations such as DaimlerChryler Canada, Cineplex Odeon, Accuform Golf, Vespa and others.

David is a frequent media commentator, has a law degree from the University of Windsor, a Master's degree in Environmental Studies from York University and is a professional planner. He is also a former executive director of Environmental Defence Canada.

Adriana Dossena, Principal

Adriana Dossena is an entrepreneur, environmental advocate and consultant who has designed and implemented integrated research, planning and communications strategies for over 12 years. She works with customized interdisciplinary teams to empower and optimize leadership in sustainability initiatives at the local and international level.

She regularly works with policy, building, design and community stakeholders to recognize opportunities and mobilize an advantageous transition process toward sustainable operations, building, land use and community development.

Adriana has honed a systems approach to inspiring and developing meaningful acceptance, adoption and promotion of practices, services and conditions that encourage resource conservation, climate change and smog mitigation among business and environmental communities as well as within creative, arts and cultural industries.

She draws from her experience in designing programs and developing interactive social marketing and organizational development tools for various government and business agencies, non-profits and Summerhill Group's Building Initiatives.

For 10 years, she owned and operated a signature event production company raising millions for diverse organizations and campaigns in the U.S. and Canada, and has been instrumental in establishing sustainability standards in media, festival, exhibit and event production. She serves on the board of Citizens Transforming Toronto and is a member of the Canadian Urban Institute, Canada and US Green Building Councils, Toronto Community Garden Network, and the Toronto Design Exchange. Her academic background is in cultural anthropology, political philosophy and community development.

Staff and Affiliates

Each ResTerra project, builds and employs a customized core team of recognized experts and affiliates in disciplines and communities deemed most appropriate for the particular project and stakeholders. We have worked with a broad range of experts, including architects, architectural technologists, planners, lawyers, advertisers, model makers, artists, environmental engineers, archaeologists, experts in culture regeneration, civic design and public realm strategy, marketing researchers, logistical and administrative services including IT engineers and event planners to name a few.

In projects where ResTerra undertakes partnership development, core competencies of organizations are leveraged to mutual benefit of participating entities and clients. Please see our communities page for further information on partners and affiliates.