ResTerra Strategies is committed to the restoration of the earth and the betterment of the human condition by working with our community, businesses and government to foster cultural and ecological sustainability.

A rapidly growing number of communities seek durable solutions to local problems. They believe that short-term fixes, poorly planned development, and avoidable environmental risk are simply no longer viable strategies. Decision makers know that the old choice between economy and environment is unnecessary.

ResTerra Strategies was founded to support communities prosper from environmental and cultural planning initiatives that enable effective, restorative resource use, while building meaningful relationships and a sense of place in the process.

Areas of focus include:

- Natural and cultural heritage protection and revitalization
- Sustainable urban and regional planning
- Land stewardship and restoration ecology
- Sustainable design, eco effectiveness and resource efficiency
- Place making and conditions for prosperity
- Promotion strategies and creative
- Cultural and environmental sustainability practices