We support and develop partnerships between citizens, government, businesses and non-profits to chart creative pathways to strengthen the community and build economic value that protects and restores the environment.

Because every community is unique, standardized strategies don't work. Collaborating with local individuals and organizations, ResTerra provides comprehensive, integrated services that respond to the specific needs of clients and are the most appropriate for their particular community and culture.

ResTerra offers initial consultation to explore how its services can best fit with your particular needs and will perform the role that makes most sense in a given situation: from advisor, advocate, presenter, coach, facilitator, or designer to full service strategy, creative, project or campaign development provider.

We work collaboratively with a client's existing service network, or develop a customized participatory process that brings together all stakeholders with a core group of recognized experts in the disciplines deemed most appropriate for the particular project.

Resterra Services and Activities include:


  • Research, strategic consulting and planning
  • Technical briefing sessions and news conferences
  • Organizational support and management
  • Interactive technologies for capacity building
  • Stakeholder relations
  1. Enterprise and Policy
    Ideas are a result of research and innovation incubated in our office, projects and collaborations. We expand the reaches of innovation through the goal of removing current barriers. Our work often demands that we not only use the best technology, but that we improve it. Where appropriate, Resterra has spun off new initiatives by proactively working with existing groups, organizations and partners to expand their vision where we see opportunities for them to grow capacity and further their mission.
  2. Interactive Partnerships and Convening
    ResTerra develops deep mutual-learning relationships with key leaders, officials, ratepayers and constituents to establish:
    • Distinctive strategies and solutions for local environmental and cultural issues
    • A practical plan for reaching sustainability goals and promoting them effectively
    • Cultural discernment for market initiatives and business associations
    • Vision-building workshops
    • Sustainability integration and guideline development
    • Speaking engagements and 'salons'
  3. Strategic Advice
    ResTerra will assess your unique situation, operations and programs, leaders' aspirations and style, local issues, current and prospective sustainability programs, as well as existing barriers to sustainability - in order to support local leadership in defining a path forward including:
    • Next steps, such as opportunities and alternatives
    • Projects, programs, and implementation methods and plans
    • Performance measurement (benchmarks, scorecards, community and developmental evaluations)
    • Solutions to organizational hurdles
    • Stakeholder analysis and communication